Syneasthesia Art Project North Wales

Syneasthesia is the subject of an exhibition planned for 2020 in North Wales. The artists involved are Dr Karen Heald, Rona Campbell, Huw McGregor and Ali Barker. Rona will be transposing music through the media of photography and is currently Artist in Residence at Glyndwr University, where Dr. Karen Heald heads up the Photography and Film department. Huw McGregor is in the music department at Bangor University, and Ali Barker is a student at Chester University. This exhibition will explore the senses of syneasthesia and how their art and many famous artist’s work has links with syneasthesia.

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‘Black Angle of Death’ Rona Campbell’s Photograph of Music Inspired by ‘Dream of Gerontious’ by Edward.Elgar
for ‘Triangle’ Arts Council of Wales Research and Development Project

“Water Lens” Exhibition 10th November 2017

Water Lens Exhibition, Undegun Gallery, 11 Regent Street, Wrexham Friday 10th November, 2017 6-8pm
Preview of the first six prints featuring three portraits of women. The research and development of my invention was supported by Arts Council Wales in April 2017. The above A2 print is on view. The Exhibition is called “Harvest” and includes many other Wrexham artists connected to Undegun. 

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Bottled People

Bottled People-Photo ProjectMany people enter a period in their lives where they feel bottled-up. Rona’s photos, shot through her ‘water lens’ actually show her subjects seen as water see’s them. Keith Pemberton her first subject was exhibited in Undegun Gallery, Wrexham, in April 2017.   

Water Lens Photography Invention

Rona Campbell’s Research and Development of the first ‘Water Lens,’ was awarded an Arts Council Wales grant in 1/1/2017; her second A.C.W. award and completed on the 9/4/2017. Under her title “Bottled People,” are portraits of artists, actors, singers and poets, the concept being that people are bottled up in their lives, for the better or the worse. “Bottled Singer,” was accepted for Wrexham Open Art Competition on 7/4/2017.

Keith Pemberton, the singer is a favorite portrait subject for Rona Campbell.
Keith Pemberton, the singer is a favorite portrait subject for Rona Campbell.


Water Lens photographed inside black box to eliminate light
Water Lens photographed inside black box to eliminate light




Your Invitation to ‘Odd Sock’: A Play by Rona Campbell at Wrexham Carnival of Words

Odd Sock poster  6 x 4  should be copy 3

As part of the Wrexham Carnival of Words Festival, myself and another playwright will be showcasing their new plays. Perfect for a lunchtime break! Please come and join us.

Date: Thursday 12th and Friday 13th May

Location:  The Foyer of   The Creative Industries Building, Glyndwr University, Wrexham in North Wales.  

Time: 1.00PM – 1.45PM

Play 1: ‘ODD SOCK’ by RONA CAMPBELL Thursday, May 12 at 1.00pm in The Foyer of   The Creative Industries Building, Glyndwr University

We all have them, but what is it like to be one? In Rona Campbell’s intriguing play, Odd Sock is thrown out of his home, escapes from the clothes  orphanage, Oxfam, and ends up in a theatre’s prop box. He finds himself on  the stage and performs to his audience’s socks. Odd Sock is played by celebrated actors Joe Scatley & Harrison Lee. Bring yourselves and your socks to be entertained. Rona Campbell is a full-time photographer, poet and former Opera singer. She won the Sotheby’s international Poetry competition.

Play 2: ‘THE SLIPPERY SLOPE’ by SUZIE GALE Friday, May 13 at 1.00pm in the Hub at the Student’s Guild, Glyndwr University

The school run might never be the same again. What happens when mums turn up to Miss Prisk’s meticulously run school, still wearing their pyjamas or other forms of night wear? The result is a very funny play by Suzie Gale. See how the traditionalists get on in their battle against the mums, in a school which is already in special measures. Suzie Gale used to be part of the highly successful performance poetry duo, Wordy Birdies. She works in Coleg Cambria.

Admission is free. The performances will be the script in hand. In Shakespearean fashion, we will pass a hat around at the end!

Both writers are members of the newly formed Wrexham Playwrights   

Further details:

I look forward to seeing you there!


Carnival of Words, Rona Campbell’s Workshop

May 9/10/11 2016 Wrexham Carnival of Words. Rona Campbell’s workshop is for photographers and poets who would like to try combining photography and poetry. Writing and photographing Wrexham Town and getting a chance to give a performance of the work at Wrexham Library, LL11 1AU on May 11 at 2.30-3.30pm. The workshop on the three days starts at at Undegun (111) Regent Street Wrexham LL11 1SG near Waterstones Bookshop.

Please book your place £20 for the three sessions with

Please bring your camera/ a packed lunch and drink/ a workbook for taking notes and dress for outside photography.

I look forward to meeting you all. We will have a great time.

All the best

Rona Campbell