Rona Campbell, Peter Read, Chris Bawden performing David of the Mines at Parc Penallta,Ystrad Mynach.

Performance of ‘David of the Mines’ in Ystrad Mynach

‘David of the Mines ‘ is the  prize winning, narrative poem by Rona

Campbell, that won the Sotheby’s International Poetry Competition.

The poem tells the story of a six year old child coal miner, in  Ebbw

Vale in Victorian Times.  In this extraordinary performance it came

home to its roots because it was performed on a slag heap in Parc

Penallta.  The actors were:  the author Rona Campbell; Peter Read the

famous Welsh actor;  and West End actor Chris Bawden. The

performance was  sponsored by Caerphilly Council and Wales’ ‘Night ‘

Out Scheme.’  It was  a ‘Grown in Wales Production.’

'Carnival of Words' Guest Poet 20th April 2014

Carnival of Words, Eagles Meadow, Wrexham

Rona Campbell will be reading her poems Monday April 20 at the Pop Up Shop, Eagles Meadow Wrexham 12.15pm – 1.00pm.

Poems for all ages – taken from her Kindle book ‘Ice Dance,’ ‘The Hedge,’ Counter-Point bublications & ‘David of the Mines,’ puplished by Arvon Foundation.

Rona currently lives in Wrexham, originally from Brecon and of Irish and Welsh parents. Rona’s Photography exhibition toured Uk 2011-2014 titled ‘Ice Dance,’ supported by Arts Council Wales.

'Carnival of Words' Guest Poet 20th April 2014
Rona will be reading in the Pop Up Shop, Eagles Meadow Wrexham
My Mother, Alpha Jessie Hughes

A Mother’s Day Poem by Rona Campbell

A Mother’s Day Poem

How far back do washing-up bowls go?

Holes in rocks with abrasive moss scours or

wooden bowls, clay china and plastic.

How many hours have women stood sink-still,

stared down at their wet hands and

rinsed gallons of wishes down the drain.


Listen girls don’t grow tall enough to see your

brain stuck to the non-stick surface of pans,

or find yourself deserted by reluctant dryers.

This task, as old as laying fires, is slyly upgraded

by ethereal-liquids and rubber gloves,

is still the drudgery of scrubbers.


No CBE’s and certainly no Bachelor of Art degrees,

but my chore-score of utensils reaches twice

around the earth, and numerous plates I

spun into the couldn’t care less air, are well on their

way to the milky way, so pleased to be out of the

reach of bleach and the stink of dank dish cloths.


Men and lads free your mothers from the

bowl, before they are all washed up.

After all, do Angels believe in fairy-liquid or

polish their halloes with brillo-pads?

I suppose they eat their manna off clouds

and expect the rain to do their washing up.



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Rona Campbell

Photo of Alpha Jessie Hughes – my late mother’s passport photo,  taken of her during WWll

Ice Dance – Poetry & Fine Art Photography is now available to download on Kindle

Exciting news for all my poetry and photography fans!

Ice Dance: Poetry & Fine Art Photography by Rona Campbell is now available to download on Kindle.

Photographer and poet Rona Campbell launches her first book on Amazon, and wishes all her readers ‘a cool reading experience’ this summer. See the amazing ice crystal formations she found on her kitchen windows, and in Wales’ lakes, waterfalls and rivers.

Travel with her through ice and snow while you sit in warmth and comfort in your home.  Learn Welsh names and scientific names of ice.

What are you favourite poems from Ice Dance? Do share your comment with me below or leave a comment in the feedback section on amazon!

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Rona Campbell’s Photography Exhibitions ‘Ice Dance’ 2012/13

Ice Dance Photography Exhibition by Rona Campbell

Oriel Wrexham,
12th September – 27th October 2012


Ice Dance Exhibition Photography by Rona Campbell

Letchworth Arts Center, Herts.
Letchworth, SG6 3EW
7th January – February 4th


Ice Dance Photography Exhibition by Rona Campbell

Greenwich Art Gallery, Linear House, Peyton Place, Greenwich,
London SE10 8RS
11th May – 23rd May 2013


Ice Dance photography Exhibition by Rona Campbell

Swansea Grand Theatre, White Room Gallery, Singleton Street,

Swansea SA13QJ Tel: 01792478586

July 29th – 16th August  Private View 1st August 6.30-9.oo


Ice Dance Photography Exhibition by Rona Campbell

Ruthin Library Gallery,

Ruthin, Denbigh, North Wales

Contact Llinos Davies 01824 705274

Sept 27th – November 23rd

Private View date to be confirmed at a later date.

Ice Dance Greenwich Gallery Exhibition

Ice Dance Exhibition opens on May 10th 2013 at Greenwich Gallery, Linear House, Peyton Place, London SE10 8RS.  Private View Sat. 11th May 12pm-8.45pm. Rona Campbells Fine Art Photography of ice in Wales is grant aided by Arts Council Wales, and this is it’s fourth exhibition in 2013. “dancing shapes and hints of movement; an ice swan caught in a waterfall, an auditorium of icicle spectators, and a frozen ballet from birth to death, all captured in north Wales where she lives.” Letchworth Comet Press 10.1.2013.

Ten ice poems accompany this exhibition by prizewinning poet, Rona Campbell and the Winter Poetry Competition Prizegiving is on Mon 13th May 6.30-8.30pm. This competition has been created to accompany Ice Dance. The judges are poet & playwright Peter Read, and Aled Lewis Evans, poet and author.


‘Winter’ Poetry Competition 2013

‘Winter’ Poetry Competition UK, has grown out of Rona

Campbell’s ‘Ice Dance’ Photography

Application forms with s.a.e. from Winter Poetry Competition,

5 Salisbury Road, Wrexham, LL13 7AS, UK  For info. ring

01978312790.  Closing date 26th April 2013. Prizes £100

£65  £35.  Prizegiving The Greenwich Gallery, London,

SE10 8RS  on May 13th 6.30-8.30pm.  Poems on the theme of winter.

Judges ‘Aled Lewis Evans’ and ‘Peter Read’


Ice Dance Exhibition Oriel Wrecsam 13/9/12

Section of black & white and colour photographs
Ice Dance Photography Exhibition, Rona Campbell, Oriel Wrecsam 13/9/12

Rona Campbell photographed in the Oriel Wrecsam at her photography exhibition Ice Dance. Twenty five photographs are exhibited of ice, in Welsh rivers and waterfalls, on windows, and in blocks of ice. They show the  extrodinary shapes, textures, and colour variety found in ice; for example, the ice on Llyn Bran, being driven by the wind looks like a stingray, and another  blue ice formation, is likened to a Monet painting, and is titled Monet on Ice. The dendrite ice formations photographed one morning on Rona’s kitchen windows are quite beautiful. As the sun broke through and melted the ice, vivid colours from the garden appeared, looking as if paint had been daubed in reds and greens in the backround. Many of these photographs look like paintings.

At times it is hard to believe they are ice, but very little has been digitally altered. They are not abstract, and are still recognisable as ice, but not as ice is normal seen. This style of photography is called Concrete Photography, first coined by German photographers, circa 1930’s. This is also an exhibition of Rona’s poems, written about her adventures photographing ice, always in freezing conditions, and at the end of the day always wet from crawling under overhanging river banks, or sitting in the snow taking close up shots.

“I love the beauty and silence, and the solitude winter imposes in these isolated areas.”

‘Silent Night,’ is a poem written at the end of such a photo shoot, the Black Ice House, as it is first named, is an abandoned farmhouse, crouching in the frozen rushes; bleak, and haunted by silence, as the silent night itself approaches, and knocks on its door. The road home is filling up with snow; “one last shot,” she thinks. Is this the photographer’s obsession? Then she hears a phantom voice warning her that she is at risk, and must leave, or?

There will be a performance of Rona reading the Ice Dance poems in October at Oriel Wrecsam. Everybody is welcome to share with her the memories of this project. The exhibition closes on October 27th 2012, and then goes to Letchworth Arts Center, in Hertfordshire, opening 7th January, private view 11th January until 1st February 2013.

Rona Campbell’s place in Concrete Photography

“the quality of their beauty, goodness and truth lie proven in the photographs themselves and should be directly recognizable in their works, their ontology, appearance and history,” says Gottfried Jager: Concrete Photography (Version 01.08.2004)

“In the early 1970’s Germany began to foster a true appreciation of the pictorial achievements and variety of (concrete) photography by turning it into an academic discipline….when photographs were still regarded as intruders…illegitimate, (Bourdieu 1981), in particular their abstract and concrete tendencies.”

In establishing Ice Dance Photographs as concrete photography I am interested in (Gottfried Jager’s) comments found on generated: 18May, 2012. At first I called Ice Dance photographs abstract but since talking with John McClenaghen, at Glydwr University at our meeting on 18 May, 2012  Wrexham, and with Stuart Cunning, head of Creative Industries, I am now of the opinion that they are concrete photographs.

I would be most interested in reading other views on Concrete Photography and in particular Ice Dance’s  place in Concrete Photography today.