Your Invitation to ‘Odd Sock’: A Play by Rona Campbell at Wrexham Carnival of Words

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As part of the Wrexham Carnival of Words Festival, myself and another playwright will be showcasing their new plays. Perfect for a lunchtime break! Please come and join us.

Date: Thursday 12th and Friday 13th May

Location:  The Foyer of   The Creative Industries Building, Glyndwr University, Wrexham in North Wales.  

Time: 1.00PM – 1.45PM

Play 1: ‘ODD SOCK’ by RONA CAMPBELL Thursday, May 12 at 1.00pm in The Foyer of   The Creative Industries Building, Glyndwr University

We all have them, but what is it like to be one? In Rona Campbell’s intriguing play, Odd Sock is thrown out of his home, escapes from the clothes  orphanage, Oxfam, and ends up in a theatre’s prop box. He finds himself on  the stage and performs to his audience’s socks. Odd Sock is played by celebrated actors Joe Scatley & Harrison Lee. Bring yourselves and your socks to be entertained. Rona Campbell is a full-time photographer, poet and former Opera singer. She won the Sotheby’s international Poetry competition.

Play 2: ‘THE SLIPPERY SLOPE’ by SUZIE GALE Friday, May 13 at 1.00pm in the Hub at the Student’s Guild, Glyndwr University

The school run might never be the same again. What happens when mums turn up to Miss Prisk’s meticulously run school, still wearing their pyjamas or other forms of night wear? The result is a very funny play by Suzie Gale. See how the traditionalists get on in their battle against the mums, in a school which is already in special measures. Suzie Gale used to be part of the highly successful performance poetry duo, Wordy Birdies. She works in Coleg Cambria.

Admission is free. The performances will be the script in hand. In Shakespearean fashion, we will pass a hat around at the end!

Both writers are members of the newly formed Wrexham Playwrights   

Further details:

I look forward to seeing you there!


My Mother, Alpha Jessie Hughes

A Mother’s Day Poem by Rona Campbell

A Mother’s Day Poem

How far back do washing-up bowls go?

Holes in rocks with abrasive moss scours or

wooden bowls, clay china and plastic.

How many hours have women stood sink-still,

stared down at their wet hands and

rinsed gallons of wishes down the drain.


Listen girls don’t grow tall enough to see your

brain stuck to the non-stick surface of pans,

or find yourself deserted by reluctant dryers.

This task, as old as laying fires, is slyly upgraded

by ethereal-liquids and rubber gloves,

is still the drudgery of scrubbers.


No CBE’s and certainly no Bachelor of Art degrees,

but my chore-score of utensils reaches twice

around the earth, and numerous plates I

spun into the couldn’t care less air, are well on their

way to the milky way, so pleased to be out of the

reach of bleach and the stink of dank dish cloths.


Men and lads free your mothers from the

bowl, before they are all washed up.

After all, do Angels believe in fairy-liquid or

polish their halloes with brillo-pads?

I suppose they eat their manna off clouds

and expect the rain to do their washing up.



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Rona Campbell

Photo of Alpha Jessie Hughes – my late mother’s passport photo,  taken of her during WWll

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Exciting news for all my poetry and photography fans!

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Photographer and poet Rona Campbell launches her first book on Amazon, and wishes all her readers ‘a cool reading experience’ this summer. See the amazing ice crystal formations she found on her kitchen windows, and in Wales’ lakes, waterfalls and rivers.

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